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Canada Loyal Financial - Head Office (905) 829.5514
Lawrence Fuller Ext.4254 President & CEO
Phyllis Smith Ext.4257 Executive Assistant to President
Mona Mann Ext.4264 Chief Compliance Officer
Matthew Fuller Ext.4269 Chief Technology Officer
Ken Sterling Ext.4235 Vice President Caribbean Operations
Brad Fuller Ext.4260 Office Manager
David Fuller Ext.4225 Operations Manager
Lorie Cowan Ext.4248 Accounting/Commissions
Liz Neil Ext.4266 Accounting
Nancy Fuller Ext.4252 Commissions
Tammy McCarthy Ext.4256 New Business
Brad Fuller Ext.4260 Policy Service Supervisor
Lauren Fuller Ext.4247 Manager, Builders Division
Mary Hill Ext.4200 Receptionist
Canada Loyal Financial - Western Regional Office / Platinum Pacific (250) 763.5655
Dianne Johnson Ext.8207 Insurance
Jennifer Richardson Ext.8200 Investments
Wendy Bosma Ext.8206 Mutual Funds Administration
Canada Loyal Financial - Ancaster Office (905) 648.1026
Melissa Gibbard Ext.4466 New Business Supervisor
Dylan Baboth Ext.4400 Reception
Canada Loyal Financial - Chilliwack Office (604) 846.2425
Greg Shaw Office Contact
Canada Loyal Financial - Edmonton Office (780) 672.5890
Wendell Travers Office Contact
Canada Loyal Financial - Kelowna Office (250) 860.6067
Kevin Purnell Sales Manager
Canada Loyal Financial - Kelowna Office (250) 448.8814
Gerald Goertsen Sales Manager
Canada Loyal Financial - London Office (226) 289.2986
Ashley Warner Ext.4500 Reception
Canada Loyal Financial - Richmond Hill Office (905) 763.8555
Beth LeBrun Ext.4328 Office Manager
Monica Li Ext.4327 New Business
Maureen Brown Ext.4300 Reception
Canada Loyal Financial - Winnipeg Office (204) 612.4526
Rod Inman Office Contact
Canada Loyal Financial - Vancouver Office (604) 283.9338
Canada Loyal Financial Services - Leasing Division (905) 829.5514
Debbie Snary Ext.4223 Business Development Manager
Canada Loyal Investment Services (905) 829.5514
Tammy McCarthy Ext.4256 Executive Administrative Assistant
Canada Health Care (905) 829.5514
Lauren Fuller Ext.4247 Managing Director
Community Financial - Toronto (416) 548.7300
Raja Ext.000 Agency Manager
Kirija Vairavanathan Ext.000 Administrator
Community Financial - Ottawa (613) 240.4402
Ananth Thurairajah Administrator
Oakville Financial (905) 844.9928
Ward Fuller Ext.4228 Agency Manager
Lorna Portwood Ext.4233 Office Manager/Contracting
Rozanne Bourne Ext.4241 New Business
Taylor Financial (905) 763.8555
Alice Sa Ext.4322 Contracting/New Business
Vicky Yu Ext.4330 New Business
Yen Fung Ext.4325 New Business