Company History

Lawrence R. Fuller is the President and CEO of Canada Loyal Financial, and the Canada Loyal Group of Companies. He entered the insurance business in 1980, starting with New York Life in sales, and by 1982 was promoted to sales manager. In 1985 he was Agency Manager with a Canadian Career Life company, starting a scratch operation and became their number one branch doing 23% of their business within three years.

Canada Loyal Insurance was incorporated in April 1985, and today stands as one of the largest Managing General Agencies in the country. The Canada Loyal Group of Companies currently operate from coast to coast, including the Northwest Territories, and has now grown to include eight separate national companies with several locations.

Lawrence Fuller founded this company to be BUILT ON LOYALTY AND TRUST – a simple yet extremely profound and powerful principle, that he practices in his daily life and by which he leads the company.

The Canada Loyal Group of companies comprises of:

1. Canada Loyal Financial
2. Canada Loyal Investments
3. Canada Loyal Financial Services
4. Community Financial
5. DMR Financial Limited
5. Oakville Financial Limited
7. Platinum Pacific Financial Services Limited
8. Taylor Financial

The Canada Loyal Group of companies are affiliated with “The United MGA Group” (founding President & CEO- Lawrence Fuller) which is one of the largest MGA Groups in Canada. This affiliation enables Canada Loyal Financial to offer our Agents / Advisors with numerous great benefits including:

• Access to the most lucrative contracts
• Preferred commissions, overrides and bonus pools
• Numerous professional development opportunities
• Comprehensive broker / agent / advisor support – a wealth of knowledge, ideas, advice, tools and resources to expand your business
• The prestige and recognition that comes with being a part of the most successful MGA group in the country