Privacy Policy

Client privacy has always been important to us at the Canada Loyal Group of Companies. Our Privacy Policy is intended to ensure that the important personal information you share with us is protected and only collected, used and disclosed for the purposes we identify to you in accordance with all applicable privacy laws.

The clear and effective privacy policies and practices at the Canada Loyal Group of Companies are applicable to all our affiliates and their employees, officers, directors, agents and representatives and service providers with whom we do business and have entered into contracts with. We believe this builds trust among our policyholders, account holders and clients.

The Personal Information We Collect

At the Canada Loyal Group of Companies, we only collect the information required for the purpose of providing and servicing your financial and insurance accounts and products. Personal information means information about an "identifiable individual" and may include:

  • Credit information
  • Lifestyle information
  • Marital status
  • Date of birth
  • Citizenship status
  • Occupation
  • Health Information
  • Income & Net worth
  • Sex
  • Social insurance number
  • Name, home address & home phone number

Why we need the information

We require your personal information to provide you with the products and services you request. We use your personal information to:

  • Confirm your identity
  • Determine your eligibility or need for insurance and financial products;
  • Determine and verify your creditworthiness for the financial and insurance products and services that you request;
  • Administer and service the insurance and/or financial products we provide;
  • Meet regulatory and contractual requirements relating to the services and products provided to you.

Your Consent

Your knowledge and consent are required before we may use, collect or disclose your personal information, unless otherwise permitted or required by law. Consent may be verbal or written (e.g. providing your personal information on an application form) or implied (e.g. not withdrawing your consent to a certain use of your personal information when given the opportunity to do so).

With your existing information in hand, the Canada Loyal Group of Companies assumes that you authorize the collection and use of your personal information and consent to your personal information being kept, as long as the Canada Loyal Group of Companies has a need for it, for the purposes described in this document. Because your information is important to us, the Canada Loyal Group of Companies does not sell your personal information to any third-party organization for solicitation purposes.

Subject to any contractual restrictions, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time upon reasonable notice by contacting us. Our Privacy Officer can be reached at (905) 829-5514 ext. 264. However, your decision to revoke your consent may limit the products and services that we are able to provide to you.

Regulatory Access to Personal Information

For regulatory purposes, self-regulatory organizations including Market Regulation Services, the Investment Dealers Association of Canada, the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada, Bourse de Montreal Inc., and the Canadian Investors Protection Fund (collectively, "SROs") require access to personal information of current and former clients, employees, agents, directors, officers, partners and others that has been collected or used by Regulated Persons. SROs collect, use and disclose such personal information obtained from Regulated Persons for regulatory purposes, including:

  • Surveillance of trading-related activity;
  • Sales, financial compliance, trade desk review and other regulatory audits;
  • Investigation of potential regulatory and statutory violations;
  • Regulatory databases;
  • Enforcement of disciplinary proceedings;
  • Reporting to securities regulators, and
  • Information sharing with securities regulatory authorities, regulated marketplaces, other self-regulatory organizations and law enforcement agencies in any jurisdiction in connection with any of the foregoing.

If you would like more Information

The Canada Loyal Group of Companies has appointed a Chief Privacy Officer to be accountable for its policies and practices. Effective April I, 2004, all matters related to privacy issues can be forwarded in writing or by telephone to:

Canada Loyal Group of Companies
2866 Portland Drive
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
L6H 5W8

(905) 829-5514 Ext.# 264